Is it worth buying the iPhone XS Max?

Is it worth buying the iPhone XS Max?
Okay. So a pretty straight forward question – given that three Shiny phones are now released by Apple.

For me the below is scenario.

Current Device: iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB – Space Grey.

Reasons for NOT going towards the new phones.

My Current phone is just ~2 years old. It is covered by Apple Care – and additional warranty period is running.
I don’t see the features so convincing.
Dual SIM: I really don’t know how much that feature would be helpful – cos i am from India. In India you just have one operator who currently supporting it (from the Apple’s list of Operators shown during the keynote).
Hardware Upgrade: Not a Phone-Gamer. So no-go!
Camera Update: I am pretty satisfied with the current camera quality of iPhone 7 Plus. Portrait Mode, HDR, Everything else for a good-day’s pic. Just for the Aperture Adjustment i wouldn’t go for a new phone.
Design: Seriously?
Being a good fan of Apple – i was surprised, that there were NO good (deserving) features for an upgrade.

I shall wait. For one more year – for a new iPhone. If that even is not going to make any changes – IDK 🙂


On another hand – if a person is deciding to switch from iPhone 4 or iPhone 5, to new iPhones, then the XS Max would be a good idea! Getting introduced to new Display Size, Camera, Hardware, etc.

It’s the matter of which generation iPhone you are currently on.

>=iPhone 7 -> iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR = No!

<=iPhone 6s to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR = Go for IT

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