Is Microsoft more successful than Apple?


It depends on your perspective. Both are incredibly successful. In terms of net worth, Microsoft is under $300 billion dollars whereas Apple is nearly triple that in value. However in terms of market saturation, about 20% of the world uses a Mac and the market saturation for the IPhone is somewhere around 35%. On the other hand, you can open any computer in the world and chances are you will see Microsoft products. The Microsoft Office suite is just analogous with doing work. Submit a report – Use word Presentation – use PowerPoint Data – use Excel Apple Does not have this kind of market penetration ation and most probably never will (won’t bet against Apple – don’t know how they made their customers accept no headphone jack so who knows what else they can do). So if we’re looking at market presence, I say Microsoft is more successful. In terms of net worth etc, Apple’s currently winning that.

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