What are some tech hacks that can be learned in 10 minutes

Google’s hidden features are some useful tricks to keep in hand 1. Check Flight Status Easily, you can type the requested airline and flight number into Google’s search box then you’ll get – as the top results – all the details you need for this flight. By using this feature, you can keep up-to-date with any flight without having to constantly check the airline’s website. 2. Search for Faces Only I made the previous image when I typed “George Michael” in the search bar and chose “faces”. Sometimes you need to do this if you’re looking forFaces Only! 3. Site Search To use this feature, you need to type the keyword ‘site:’ to make Google only show the results from one site. For example, I typed “site: truth”. So as you see, I got stories about the word ‘truth’ from the Exposing The Truth website. ​ 4. Decrease Email Length ​Sometimes, you need to reply to specific part of text someone sent you. The nice way to do that is to highlight that part before hitting reply. This trick will add only the selected part to the quoted text and leave the rest out of your reply!

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