What is the worst thing Apple has made?

This question is a merger of two questions. I will answer the more interesting of the two!

Obviously this is a subjective question. That said, I should try not to apply contemporary standards to obsolete technologies. I will try to go with my personal experiences at the time.

For example, when new the iPhone (1) would have seemed like the pinnacle of technology. Now, ten years later, to me an iPhone (1) seems like a small, old fashioned, rounded hunk of glass and metal!

PS Whoever merged the two questions should be merged themselves into merging purgatory. They’re very different questions.

#1 the original Apple USB Mouse (1998)

Not only was it ugly but it was also poorly designed from an ergonomic POV. Perhaps its lack of ergonomic design contributed to me finding it ugly, but, there you have it. This is subjective 🙂.

#2 The Performa All-In-One Series (1992–1997)

The all-in-one Performas I found to be quite unattractive. The curves grated on me, much like the really ugly bubble cars of the 90’s. Not only was their hardware unattractive to me but I also found the accompanying documentation to be unattractive. I guess I wasn’t a ‘consumer’ taken in by the latest bubble craze.

In terms of functionality, once Apple started including 15″ massive blocks of glass (the monitor) in the unit the all-in-one paradigm broke down.

You needed two people to safely carry the unit. By comparison, Apple’s all-in-one design for the early Macs (128 -> Color Classic II) was sleek, sensible and light.

#3 The Beige G3 (Power Macintosh G3) (1997)

In terms of design, the Beige G3 has to go down as the most boring design Apple ever released because it represented the last of its design series. It was so reminiscent of the uninspiring designs from generic PCs (that had started copying earlier models) that it was grating

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